When you are shipping time-sensitive goods, having immediate access to your cargo may be critical. Thanks to SEAPRIORITY get; benefit from space and equipment guarantee, priority discharge and be fast tracked for accelerated pick up at the marine terminal.

  • Priority loading

    Container-3D Benefit from a prioirty status : priority equipment and loading at origin. Additionally, your cargo will be stowed with the priority discharge marked.

  • Priority unloading

    Best-option Save time. Your container is discharged in priority and mounted on chassis for pick up in 24H upon vessel operation started at destination.

  • Terminal fast track

    Time-speed Be more flexible. No appointment needed, the trucker can directly pick-up the container and accelerate your cargo out at port of discharge.

  • Money-back guarantee

    Cash-position Benefit from a money-back guarantee in case of failure.

How does it work?

  • Select your most time-sensitive cargo and add this extra protection easily and quickly.
  • For your time-sensitive shipments, ask your usual 澳门赌盘正网 Group representative to add this extra protection in your bookings.
  • Your shipments will be flagged as « priority cargo » up to the terminal of discharge. Now available only on 澳门赌盘正网 Transpacific trade with a discharge at LAX terminal (service PRX/JAX/EX1).